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Rob Hampson – General Manager

Rob has a background in mechanical engineering within the automotive sector and later on developing, building and running large production facilities for the car industry including body repairs and paint process’. 

He has extensive knowledge of both new and existing legislation and is at the forefront of current plans that may affect the Removal & Transportation industry.

Terry Sinnott – Technical Specialist and Sales Consultant

Benefiting from over 47 years as a bodybuilder, Terry is steeped in the tradition of designing and building vehicle bodies.

Having initially built timber / plymax bodies, Terry has allied that priceless experience with a complete understanding of the properties of steel, aluminium and fibreglass to make him one of the most experienced professionals in the industry.

Mark Edwards – Works Manager

Mark has supported Terry for many years, providing expert help and advice at all stages of the design process and taking a lead role on numerous projects. Possessing a keen eye for detail and allied to his outstanding creativity, he is a key member in our team.

Jeff Plume – Production Co-ordinator

As with Mark also has over 20 years coachbuilder/bodybuilder experience. Benefiting as a bodybuilder, Jeff is steeped in the tradition of designing and building wooden frames and bodies.